April 18, 2017

Science writing retreat!

The Landmark Trust's Landmark Futures scheme invited us to a 5 day science retreat in their lovely West Blockhouse in Pembrokeshire.

Antje, Alfredo, Issie, Sophie, Charlie and Julia went and despite the traditional Welsh weather we had an awesome, and also very productive, time. The West Blockhouse is a very sturdy building, with a dry moat, and a draw bridge. We joked that we'd pull it up in case motivation ran low! The thick walls, the brilliant sea views, the remote location, the high cliffs and the sandy cove just north of it made the stay more than worth while. We were inspired, had long discussions about sparrows, statistics, and dominance hierarchies.

Our achievements were listed on our white board!

The dog had a blast running through the fields and getting muddy (and being showered by Issie after the walk) every day. Clearly, he was the "King of the castle" and he wasn't shy to show it!

We even spotted Lundy island (nearly) beyond the horizon on a clear day! It is not visible from the Blockhouse itself (Julia claims only the tip of the light house is), one has to go up to the radar towers and from there, about 10 meters higher up, one can see Lundy in all it's glory!

Here is a summary of our very productive mid-week break!

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